Wednesday, May 22, 2019

What is Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed?

There is no doubt that the primary source of any education comes from parents. So there is no better alternative than family to guide their children. You know what! The same goes for driving training too. It’s one of the complex things and everyone should learn it.It’s sad that some people might not like to go to the institution to learn driving. Though they are professional, luckily parent taught drivers ed is such an alternative for that. The fact is parent knows what a child’s strength, weakness and how they can learn.

Parents who are very friendly and enthusiastic to teach their son or daughter driving, they can easily do so by this popular parent taught driver education aka PTDE. On this note, it’s worth knowing not only the parents are eligible for this course but also the other guardians can also have the privilege too.Hence, any guardian in the family can take the liberty to be the instructor of their little ones.
As being a concerned citizen, in Texas, you can be a driving instructor for your kids, I definitely would love to do that.Whatever, the driver’s education program in Texas is a great platform.It gives you an opportunity to be a driving trainer of your child with a quality driving ed course. Here I am going to give you a brief overview of PTDE in Texas. Let’s dive into some of the details that could help you to choose the right options for yourself.

Advantages of PTDE

To begin with, the benefits of getting a parent-taught driver education course is huge. Some of the followings are:
·         You will have the training from the TDLR approved parent-taught driver ed course in Texas.
·         The initial 6 hours of the course is fully free. So the kids will have the opportunity to take it.
·         After completing the course, you can take charge of your kid to teach them driving whenever you want.
·         They will provide high-quality courses for your child at a low cost, and also support them in a very convenient way.
·         This driving education is quite interactive, fully engaging and have a lot of fun during the training session.
·         You will also be able to practice driving exercises behind the wheel.

Eligibility for PTDE

Well, although it’s irritating, you have to fulfill some pre-requirements first in order to get enrolled. In the beginning, you need to go through some conditions we mentioned below:
·         First of all, need to be a proper parent, such as an actual parent is directly eligible but don’t get annoyed because stepparents can do it as well. In addition, your loving grandparent or your step-grand parent and another local guardian also can train you.
·         You must have to provide a valid driver license.
·         Driver license is not accepted in case it is invalid or suspended.
·         You must be fit means that you do not have any mental illness or medical disability issue.
·         If you got any prior record of a probated sentence of convicted for homicide then you are not eligible.


For the guardians,this parent taught drivers ed in Texas certainly a promising opportunity to train their children driving by themselves. Obviously not every parent will want to grab the chances for being busy working but those of who are quite passionate and willing do so, they can do it as the professional does with the help of this superb training program. It will legally allow every parent to teach driving to their kids and that surely brings fun to spend joyful times with the kiddos.

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